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In the 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China,China’s petroleum and chemical workers have continued to strive,work hard,and give themselves up.Which made the output value and scale of China's petrochemical and natural gas industries have leaped to the top in the world,and the output of various products have ranked at the forefront of the world.That led to international competitiveness and influence has significantly increased,and development achievements have attracted worldwide attention.Oil and gas industries,as important basic industries and pillar industries of China's national economy,play a decisive role in promoting sustainable and healthy economic development.As an international metropolis and a core city in the Asia-Pacific economic region,Shanghai plays a vital role in the development of the petrochemical and natural gas industry chain.In order to provide the best development platform for business cooperation and trade,policy and technology exchange,and information expansion,Shanghai Jianmo and related authorities will hold"Shanghai International Oil&Gas and Petrochemical Products Trade Exhibition(PGPC CHINA)”on December 9-11,2020 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center........

Highlights of the Exhibition

One hundred thousand oil and gas and petrochemical agents and traders connected to the Shanghai trading event of thousands of manufacturers worldwide

A one-stop grand event to resolve financial transactions involving bulk trade

An international event relying on the core position of Shanghai's oil, gas and chemical trade

Over 100,000 traders and agents in the oil and gas and chemical industries

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